Piotr Podziemski MEng, PhD


Working in 3D programming and computer visualizations since high-school, Piotr was always focusing on creating tools that are both useful, beautiful and meaningful for people. He started to pursue this goal by getting a Ph.D. in computational physics applied to clinical cardiology, publishing in high impact-factor journals and working with cardiologists in Poland and in the Netherlands. Results of his research are applied now in clinical cardiology procedures.


His award-winning project portfolio varies from designing 3d simulations of the human heart for clinical applications, developing algorithms to visualize ultrasound data in VR/AR (medivrse.com), to algorithms for non-invasive fetal heartbeat detection (Physionet Challenge 2013).


Since 2015 Piotr focuses fully on introducing virtual and augmented reality solutions to tackle most pressing medical, educational and social challenges.